Known as "Italian Waffle Cookies", these light, crispy confections are a festive addition to any holiday, birthday, or special celebration. So order some for yourself, send some to a friend, or treat your nonna. Right now, we are offering special pricing on a monthly subscription service. See details below.

~ Brian

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Pizzelle of the Month Subscription Box - Chocolate Hazelnut

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May 2024 - Few flavors pair as perfectly as chocolate and hazelnuts do. Studded with toasted and ground hazelnuts, and loaded with ethically sourced cocoa, these rich and nutty pizzelles really hit the spot...they hit all the spots, to be honest.

IMPORTANT! Subscription boxes must be ordered individually, with no other items in the cart. If ordering multiple subscriptions, they must be in separate transactions. Also if you're sending it to someone else as a gift, please use their name and address for the shipping info. You may now continue to read our very persuasive description below.**

Our Pizzelle of the Month Subscription box is truly the gift that keeps on giving the whole year-round. A one-dozen box of our featured flavor will arrive on your doorstep each month. You won't even be thinking about it, then BAM! Pizzelles on your doorstep! What's not to love about that? It's also a great gift (hint, hint). 

One dozen vegan pizzelles. Order by the 15th of the month to receive your first box that month. Boxes will be delivered during the last week of each month.

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